About me

Hello, dear guest!
Let's get acquainted - my name is Anatoly Sibiryatkin.

I work in a factory leading Technological engineer. Retirement age, I smoke for 40 years, of which I smoke for 7 yearsTubes. At first, like most beginners with factory ones, "Budgetary". With the study of the Internet, I discovered the worldMaster tubes" and got sick from their emotional impact. God ... what a beauty !!! This was the first impulse -try to make at least something similar, well, and check to see if hands grow from there.

It began to turn out somewhere in the second ten. I began to exhibit my work insocial networks, positive ratings, of course, inspire for further work.Gradually became equipped, bought a turning and drilling machines, engraver (napping), and started with onedrills ...

I implement the tubes, first of all, to get feedback fromconsumers about their quality, well, of course, to be able to purchase materials.I don’t earn it, before that it’s very long the way. I regret that I started studying late - in April 2014g.

I work with briar and morta (bog oak), I use ebonite for mouthpieces.

The process of making tubes for me, first of all, is creativity, relaxation. Head and arm work always exciting, especially when it turns out. It's in no wayleast not a " hobby "(from this word I just sick!).

In addition, I am fond of bard song and reading good literature.

Anatoly Sibiryatkin