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What materials are used?






Bamboo (Latin Bambúsa) is a genus of perennial evergreens of the Cereals family. The genus includes about 130 species, growing mainly in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, especially prevalent in the humid tropics. Bamboo is a good building material due to its growth rate, and also when dried, it is used to create wind pipes and gutters.

Bamboo / Briard


Briard (fr. Bruyère) - material from a dense tree-like growth (rootcap) between the root and trunk of a shrub of the Erica arborea of ​​the heather family. Acts as a reservoir, which stores a supply of water and nutrients needed for plant life. Although Erica tree-like grows on a large territory, but only the Mediterranean briar, grown on dry soils containing high amounts of silicon, provides the raw materials necessary for the quality, heat resistance and strength for the production of tubes. Silicic acid does not allow the tube to burn, and the porous structure of the briar perfectly absorbs moisture generated by smoking. The development of such a briar requires 30 to 40 years, but the best workpieces are obtained from 80-100-year-old plants.




Artificial amber

Visually very similar to amber


Colored hard rubber

Birch capa

Birch capa/ boxwood

Birch capa/ boxwood

Maple capa

Capa claw/moose horn

Karelian birch


Lyswood / Elk Horn

Lyswood (snake tree) is a tree common in Australia and Africa. It features unusually decorative wood, which has a brown-red or pinkish color. The most characteristic feature is the large core rays, forming a very noticeable, slightly silky fiber pattern (very similar to snake scales). The name translates as "silk tree." Wood is easy to process, glues well. But when cutting, loosening of the largest rays of the core is possible. To avoid this, the cut angle is usually reduced to 20 degrees. Wood satisfactorily accepts screws and nails. The average density is about 550-580 kg / cubic meter. By hardness it can be compared with oak.


fossil oak

Morta (stained oak)

Morta / burl birch / hard rubber

Morta / Briard

Morta / capa birch

Morta / Elk Horn





Moose horn

Elk Horn / Briard

Yak Horn


Very hard, light wood. Grows up in the North Caucasus



bonite (other Greek ἔβενος - ebony) - highly vulcanized rubber with a high sulfur content (30-50% based on the weight of the rubber), usually dark brown or black; chemically inert, has high electrical insulation properties.

Olive ash